Game Integrity Enforcement

We go to great lengths to ensure that our games are fair, and that everybody is playing on a level field. We routinely work with our venue partners and review events' security procedures to continually improve in this area.

Our first priority is to prevent rules violations through educating players. PSLive welcomes many new players to the poker world, many of whom are unfamiliar with the rules of live poker.

Despite our efforts to educate players, the vast majority of rules violations are caused by accident: they are non-malicious acts which are not deliberate, and cause little harm to other players. That's why PSLive educates players who accidentally and non-maliciously break the rules.

However, some players deliberately break the rules to gain an advantage over other players. For malicious actions, we employ three important practices: prevention, detection and enforcement:

  1. Prevention - PSLive engages live poker security experts to review, enhance and maintain a secure playing environment. This includes appropriate analysis of policies and procedures.
  2. Detection - PSLive personnel are appropriately trained to report any suspicious activity to begin proper investigation and review.
  3. Enforcement - PSLive reserves the right to apply any and all measures at its disposal against individuals who break the rules. This includes referring investigations to law enforcement officials as needed, and may lead to criminal prosecution.

As part of this three-pronged strategy to reduce the risk of malicious activity at the events, PSLive maintains a private list of players who are prohibited (to the extent permitted by law) from participating in events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does PSLive maintain a list of players prohibited from playing in PSLive events?
  • Yes.
  • Which events does this list apply to?
  • This list applies to all events promoted by Global Poker Tours Ltd to the extent permitted by law.
  • Do you publish that list?
  • PSLive complies fully with the laws and regulations that apply to us. This includes compliance with privacy legislation throughout the world, and consequently, the list of prohibited players is not publicly available.
  • Do you share the list with other live poker operators?
  • Again, PSLive complies fully with the laws and regulations that apply to us. As a result of privacy protections throughout the world, we are unable to share our list of prohibited players with other live poker operators, except as far as we are legally required and/or permitted to do so.
  • Is a particular player on that list?
  • We cannot confirm nor deny whether any individual is or is not on our prohibited list.
  • Is a player who is banned from PSLive promoted events banned online from PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker as well, and vice versa?
  • While each case is handled individually, we are unable to discuss the status of any individual (online or live) with any other person.
  • I believe that I have evidence of somebody who is cheating at a PSLive promoted event. Who should I contact?
  • Player reports play an important role in complementing our own game integrity efforts, and we welcome such reports. Please notify any of our personnel at a PSLive event as soon as possible. If this is not possible, please email the information to the relevant poker tour.  Email addresses are available on the respective tour website. Given the likely sensitive nature of such reports, we recommend that players do not make public any allegations of wrong-doing.
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