GPTL* welcomes all members of the media to GPTL events and looks forward to helping with all media requests. Our goal is to ensure GPTL events run smoothly for players, GPTL staff and all attending media. Please make sure that you read the following media accreditation requirements. Any media infringing upon these requirements risk losing their media accreditation for the entire event and future GPTL tournaments.

Submitting an online application does not automatically guarantee you a media pass. Each applicant will receive an email to confirm if their request has been successful. GPTL reserves the right to limit the number of passes issued to each media outlet.


  1. All applicants must meet all statutory requirements that apply in the event venue. This will typically include a minimum age requirement and may include additional local requirements. Work must be for a media outlet whose primary objective is to report on activities taking place at the event.
  2. Media passes will only be issued to employees of recognised media outlets including: poker media outlets, mainstream newspapers and magazines, national news services, TV stations and radio channels.
  3. Media passes will not be issued to non-editorial staff attending GPTL events for their own marketing purposes, such as representatives from public relations, marketing, sales, advertising agencies, etc.
  4. Media personnel must register for each GPTL event using the online media accreditation form, submitting their name, organisation, full contact details and their plans for media coverage. Media should apply for and receive accreditation prior to travelling to the event. GPTL. cannot guarantee a media pass for people who attend events without prior accreditation and they may be turned away.
  5. First-time applicants and freelance journalists must provide sufficient documentation to satisfy GPTL that they will be performing work for a media outlet and reporting on activities taking place at the event.
  6. The number of media passes per media outlet varies at different venues. This is typically a result of venue capacity and GPTL reserves the right to appropriately manage the facilities available to media outlets. All requests for interviews with sponsored players should be pre-arranged through wherever possible. For any interviews with players while at the event, please contact the PR Manager to arrange a suitable time.
  7. Media passes are non-transferable. If, for any reason, you need to change personnel before or during an event, please contact as soon as possible.


  1. The media pass should be worn at all times in a prominent position and should be presented when requested by security or any employee working on behalf of GPTL.
  2. Accredited trade media are forbidden to play in the Main Event of the festival. In addition, trade media are forbidden to cover any Side Event in which they have played, or intend to play.
  3. It is prohibited for accredited media to have any stake (financial or otherwise) in the outcome of GPTL events. This includes purchasing shares or equity in any individual player or teams in any way. This prohibition includes any type of fantasy game that has a financial consideration.
  4. Only conversation in the official tournament language is allowed in the tournament area with players and between media colleagues while by a poker table.
  5. GPTL events are often contests for significant amounts of money and prestige. Consequently, it is essential for accredited media to respect the players and the integrity of the event. This includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Respecting the right of a player to have reasonable personal space while playing
    2. Respecting the right of a player to maintain the privacy of their hole cards
    3. Respecting the integrity of the event by not touching chips or sitting at empty seats at tournament tables
    4. Respecting the strategy decisions of players without being verbally judged at the table by observers
    5. Respecting the emotional engagement of players by not celebrating when favoured players win a pot.


  1. In the tournament area, it is essential that the Tournament Director, floor staff, GPTL staff and the film crew are all able to work unhindered at all times.
  2. Please follow all directions of Tournament Staff.
  3. All media should leave the tournament area when the floor staff and/or players are bagging chips.
  4. If you are asked to leave a particular area by an employee working on GPTL's behalf, please do so politely. Media who refuse to follow instructions risk losing their accreditation for the entire event and future GPTL events.
  5. During the later stages of a tournament, when a small number of tables remain, media will be asked to leave the cordoned-off area around the tables. When the playing area is cleared, tournament staff will endeavour to provide a separate, cordoned-off media area.
  6. Media are asked to keep a respectful distance from the TV crew. This is a safety precaution as the equipment used is heavy and could cause injury.
  7. If you need to get a particular shot talk to the producer or the floor manager, and let them know what you're trying to do. They can often move a cameraman / audio engineer out of the way for you.
  8. If you are unsure about anything, please ask a member of staff or email


  1. At all events there will be designated GPTL photographers taking photos of the tournament. Images are available throughout the event and afterwards by emailing
  2. In some venues, photography is not allowed anywhere outside the tournament area and any photographer found to infringe upon casino regulations will have their media pass taken away for the entire event and future GPTL events. Photographers need to respect the privacy of casino clients who are not participating directly in the event.
  3. Flash photography is prohibited during tournament play and on the feature table.
  4. Certain venues have specific photography requirements. In some venues, photography is not allowed anywhere outside the tournament area. Photographers should always respect the privacy of casino clients not participating in the event.


  1. In some venues filming is not allowed anywhere outside the tournament area and any media found infringing upon casino regulations will have their media pass taken away. Videographers need to respect the privacy of casino clients who are not participating directly in the event.
  2. Filming of the TV table is strictly prohibited during tournament action, other than by the designated GPTL film crew. You can request to film the TV table while poker play is not taking place by emailing with your requirements.


  1. GPTL will endeavour to provide media facilities, including a press room equipped with wireless or cable internet access. Only accredited media are allowed access to the media room and/or any other media facilities.
  2. If we reach full capacity, it may become necessary to restrict access to the media room or require journalists from the same organisation to share desk space.
  3. Please respect the facilities that are shared by all media for work purposes. Please do not waste bandwidth for non-essential, non-work activities.
  4. For security reasons – and because space is often very limited – please do not invite players, colleagues or friends into the media room.
  5. Please do not leave valuables in the media room. No responsibility will be taken for any items left in the media room and/or tournament area.


  1. GPTL requires that all media reporting on the tournament (press, radio, television and bloggers) give the event sponsor prominent recognition in their coverage of the event.
  2. This includes clearly crediting the event sponsor in the first mention of the event within the article. For video coverage this would include prominently mentioning the sponsor during the video.
  3. This rule also includes any reports which are using information, photos or video supplied by GPTL, even if journalists are not accredited or attending the event.
  4. The trademark policies must be followed with regards to the use of the event sponsor logo. For full details of the trademark policies click here.
  5. When an event is being broadcast live with a one-hour delay (cards-up), we ask all media to follow the delay with live reporting of the event. This is to keep to the same schedule as broadcasters receiving and transmitting the feed.


  1. All accredited media regardless of employment status are subject to the GPTL Event Security Policy when attending GPTL Events. The details of the policy can be found here.


  1. Any accredited media that fails to comply with any of the prior requirements or fails to comply with a request from a member of GPTL staff, will have their media pass taken away for the entire event and risk being banned from future GPTL events,
  2. Should you have any queries with regards to the media accreditation or media requirements, please email

*Global Poker Tours Limited (GPTL) is a company within Rational Group. GPTL is one of the largest producers of live poker events in the world and is committed to maintaining unrivalled customer experience for its live poker events.

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